To be successful, you have to commit


I have a friend that wants to quit! I was lying in bed the other morning and was thinking about it… I had told him that if he wanted to be successful he had to commit and truly believe in what we have here and in what is possible for us in Network Marketing. I started to think it’s kind of like any other job. Better in every way of course, but the same in that if we don’t commit how can we expect to have success?

You see my friend is in construction. He’s taking over his business from his dad, so he is in charge. It got me thinking about how I could put it to him in a way that he could relate to.

Last year, before joining our company, he came with me to our first annual convention. This convinced him that it was a good idea, however when we came home it took him a while to sign up, and when he did he never fully committed. He bought in at a lower level which is fine, but this means that you have a limited supply of product and if you’re using it yourself and trying to share it with others you should expect to run out of product fairly quickly. Just as with any product, in order to see results, build your belief in what they can do for you and get excited and want to share them with others you have to be using them consistently!

With the product he was receiving every month with his loyalty purchase and the product he still had, it wasn’t long before he was telling me he had too much product and he didn’t know what to do with all of it. The problem is that if he was consistently using it and regularly sharing it with others he wouldn’t have ANY, in fact he should be running out

So this is what led me to start thinking about how this could be applied to a construction job or for that matter any other job I’m sure.

In the construction scenario, it’s kind of like going to price a job at potential client’s house. You get the job but you’re not really sure how to do your job because you never put in the time to learn how. You decide to go ahead with the job anyway but you only buy the minimum amount of materials to get started but then you don’t actually start. You might show up here and there for a few minutes to install the odd piece of material but you never really get anything done. Your client starts to get annoyed and starts calling because you haven’t been getting anything done, so to keep the job you order some more materials but don’t install them either. None of the trades people you have talked to are showing up because you can’t convince them that things will be ready for them to do their job and they don’t believe they will get paid if they do it. Your client agrees to let you continue on the job anyway but you decide to just let it go because you can’t commit to getting it done and no one wants to work with you because you don’t know what your doing. It’s easy to see that you wouldn’t be in construction very long and you would probably never get paid if that is the way you did business.

The same goes for Network Marketing. How could we ever expect to be successful unless we truly commit. A good tradesperson, especially at first is constantly learning new ways to be better at his trade. So in network marketing we need to get involved by talking to our up line frequently, consistently following a system of sharing with others that is working, listening to corporate calls, attending events, using the products every day and always finding new ways to improve ourselves. If we do these things we will build our belief, it may take a bit of time but we will be successful!

Brandon Skipness